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Oladi Szakgimnázium és Szakközépiskola

Vas Megyei Szakképzési Centrum

Our school, Vocational Service Centre of Szombathely Secondary Vocational School of Olad, has been working since 1986 in Szombathely, in the district of Olad. Its professional profiles are light industry, health care, beauty sector and social orientation. The quarters in the middle part of the building, the exceptionally large gym with a well-equipped storage room, the renovated outdoor sport grounds, the library, the buffet, the club rooms, the theatre room, all serve the quality study of work of students and the useful leisure activities of theirs.
The applicants of the vocational training can choose from two professions and can start the basic training of an additional seven vocations, furthermore postgraduate students have a wide range of trainings.
It’s not exceptionable that some students spend 7-8 years among the walls of the school, for after graduation they obtain professional qualification as well. Our institute offers the possibility to acquire a second profession free of charge in the framework of adult training.
Students can choose from learning English and German languages within certain limits.
In the rag trade training centre, located in the building of STYL Zrt., eye-appealing goods are made, a remarkable part of the costumes for the Savaria Historical Carnival are sewn by our students. At the Teleki Salon, we train sewers working for individual demands.
Our learners put up a good performance on students competitions annually. In the 2016/2017 semester, the only first place won by Vas County nationwide in professional category was earned by one of our dressmaker student. The hair dresser and cosmetician students succeed admirably in nationwide and regional competitions, health care students also participate keenly in all professional challenge.
Health educational, environmental educational, local historical and cultural project days have become traditional as well as the professional day. Thanks to the successful tenders in the last few years we are able to make the school life more vivid.

Secondary Vocational School

The first 4 classes of the vocational training prepares students for the GSCE, but the basic knowledge of the vocation is in the study as well. During these four years students receive specific practical and theoretical training, meeting the professional requirements. Corresponding to this, requirements of cosmetics, health care, light industry, sport and social orientation are included in their study.
Professional examination from the knowledge of the chosen vocation is made and graduated students receive an OKJ (National Qualifications Register) certificate.
The most popular training programme among students applying from elementary school is the beautician training where professions of hair dresser and cosmetician can be chosen after taking the GCSE. Students graduated in the health sector can participate in nurse and paediatric nurse training. Those interested in the light industry can acquire vocation of cloth industry technician.
In the social sector, beside the GCSE, students get training of family assistance, after which infant- and early childhood education can be chosen. Meeting today’s challenges, students become professionals achieving prominent role in today’s public educational and social institutes.
Important to know, students graduating with the basic training of the chosen vocation, the first phase of the post-gradual training is reduced by one year, since they acquire the knowledge of the 13th class evenly divided in their former years. This makes them possible to obtain the final vocational certificate just in one year.

Vocational education and training (VET) school

Women’s tailors and social workers are trained at our VET school in 3 year training programme.
Both vocations are skills shortages in Hungary, therefore largely supported scholarship is granted for the students (10.000 – 35.000 HUF/ month depending on the learning outcomes).
After receiving the vocational certificate, students have the chance to take GSCE in 2 years in full time training as well as in evening training.
No entrance exam is required to enter the trainings.
We take the end of term grades of 5th, 6th and 7th class and the term grade of 8th class into account from subjects of Hungarian language and literature, history, foreign language, mathematics and art (0402, 0403, 0404 and 0407 internal codes ) and Hungarian language and literature, history, foreign language, mathematics and biology (0401, 0405 and 0409 internal codes).
Remember to attach the documents of release provided by experts to the application form.

Post gradual trainings

We offer opportunity to acquire vocations of nurse, paediatric nurse, hair dresser, cosmetician, dental technician, preschool teacher and cloth industry technician in post gradual trainings.
No entrance exam is required, admission is realised by the application order. Applicants of hair dresser, cosmetician and dental technician have to provide for internship for their own, sign apprenticeship contract and proof it with declaration of acceptance.
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